Welcome to the City of Gunners

A guide to transport services (Transportation) when travelling in and around Attock:

Get in:

By Train:

This is the most comfortable and easiest way of travel. Attock is connected with Hassanabdal, Burhan and Jand by Local and national trains. The city station has two platforms. It takes 30 minutes from Hassanabdal and 1.5 hour from Jand to reach the city.

By Road:

The Attock city is connected with surrounding cities by highway connections from six major directions. So people can reach Attock city by bus or car. Attock Bus Stop is the main bus station for all buses and vans in Attock, and is located to the east of the city. Major Pakistan cities are connected to Attock by vans. However, the highway network are very well established and some highways are still under development.

Get around:

The public transportation system in Attock is one of the economical systems. Two-third of city’s population makes use of the vans and buses. The public transportation system covers most of the areas local peoples are likely to visit frequently.


Vans is the most efficient, fast and highly integrated way of transport in Attock. Daytime transport runs from 05.00 a.m. (mostly after Fajar Prayers) to 10.00p.p. It is used by around 400 million passengers per year and for different routes different vans are running to cover all areas of the district and other cities.

Auto Rickshaws:

Attock City has 5 km of tracks in the city and covers large areas of the city. It carries around 100 million people a year. Mostly in summer it operates 24/7, and in winters it start operating at 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. This is the most usable transportation system available in Attock City and all other Cities of District.


Getting around Attock or other cities by public transportation is always a better choice, and makes one forget the existence of taxi services in the city. Unfortunately, not many good things can be said about the traffic situation and the taxi drivers in the city. If one has to use taxi to get around, use the service of a reputable taxi company for fair rates.


The best way to explore and enjoy the original Attock! Walk around most parts of the city starting from District Hospital to the colonies or from the Fawara Chowk (Octri) to other parts of cities or Villages.