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Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Ltd

A farmer friendly Bank committed to the development of agriculture Sector. At The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Limited, we have an ambitious vision. Our primary goal is to change the way that the unbanked sector views finance and to empower them with the basic right to avail of services that provide a secure, innovative, affordable and convenient method of integration into the world of financial services. We aim to transform lives through establishing trust between ourselves and our customers, so that they never need to look elsewhere for a platform to rise above challenges and with which to fulfil their dreams of a brighter future.

Our philosophy is that Cooperative Bank should not be viewed as specialized but rather a financial service with social impact, which enables the underprivileged to help themselves, with honour and dignity. Fresh avenues of potential markets arise when this source is tapped and commercial sources are the keys to transforming this industry from the development aid stage to a recognized and established a position in the local and global realms. In order for unlimited growth to occur, the Cooperative Banking industry must be financially stable, and this, of course, requires the power of capital.

In order to provide the full menu of financial services to our target market, we have created a distribution network of 151 online branches with ATM, IBFT & UBPS facility.

We are developing roots in our community not only by lending but also providing the full range of financial services. In days to come, we hope to be exemplars of an effective, sustainable and successful institutionalized strategy that keeps its eyes on the horizon of positive global change.

Given this trajectory, The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Limited (PPCBL) is headed in the correct direction for fulfilling its vision of “empowering the unbanked”. We have developed a financially sustainable model to address the needs of the financially excluded.

Over the years, we will create Electronic banking products then use our extensive network to make them available to our customers.

My appreciation and thanks go to the youngest banking force in Punjab in the form of the PPCBL management and the front line teams, for their conviction in bringing change to Pakistan and for their commitment and hard work. Most of all, I would like to honour and thank our customers for allowing us to serve them.

Muhammad Ayub

Attock City Branch

(Branch Code: )

Sarafa Bazar,
Attock City

Tel: +92-57-9316066

Pindigheb Branch

(Branch Code: )

Tehsil Road, Near Police Station,
Pindigheb, Attock Disrtict

Tel: +92-57-2352435

Fateh Jhang Branch

(Branch Code: )

Rawalpindi Road, Near New Lucky CNG Station,
Fateh Jhang
Attock District, Pakistan

Tel: +92-57-2212500

Jand Branch

(Branch Code: )

Haji Bazar, Tehsil Road,
Jand, Attock District

Tel: +92-57-2621079