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National Saving Center

National Saving Center as it stands today is one of the primaeval institutions in the country with a legacy of more than 140 years that came into existence with the promulgation of Government Savings Bank Act in 1873. During the World Wars I and II, the British Government used this channel to raise funds to meet war-related expenditures. Given the effectiveness and net benefits of these initiatives, the idea of institutionalizing the savings culture was materialized by setting up a National Savings Bureau (NSB) in 1943-44 as an attached department of the undivided Government of India. Since acquiring independence in 1947, this organization remained operational in Pakistan in various forms. The Bureau was renamed as Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) in 1953 with its functions and responsibilities in line with the NSB.

So far, CDNS has not only remained successful in promoting financial savings in the economy but has also generated requisite funds for the Government to finance the budgetary deficit and infrastructure projects. As a custodian of the nation’s savings, today the National Savings is the largest investment and financial institution in Pakistan with a portfolio of over Rs. 3.4 trillion and more than 7 million valued investors are being served through a large network of 376 branches nationwide controlled by 12 Regional Directorates of National Savings (RDNS) and 4 Zones.

Attock City Branch

(Branch Code: )

B-43, N-Plaza,
Attock City

Tel: +92-57-9316146

Attock Cantt Branch

(Branch Code: )

Sir Syed Road,
Distt. Attock

Tel: +92-57-9316084

Fateh Jang Branch

(Branch Code: )

Rawalpindi Road,
Fateh Jang
Distt Attock, Pakistan

Tel: +92-57-2212686

Hasanabdal Branch

(Branch Code: )

Near Civil Hospital, Mohallah;
Punjabian, Hazara Road,
Hasanabdal, Distt. Attock

Tel: +92-57-2522876

Kamra Branch

(Branch Code: )

Building No.36-A, Main Plaza,
Near Masjid Noor Un Nabi, G.T Road
Distt Attock, Pakistan

Tel: +92-57-2640825

Pindigheb Branch

(Branch Code: )

Building No.B-1417, A-1,
Ward No.1/2, Kachery Road
Pindigheb, Distt. Attock

Tel: +92-57-2352964