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About Attock District/City info

 Country Pakistan  
 Province Punjab
 Population (2017)   18,883,556 (Est)
 Time Zone GMT + 5 hr
 Currency Pakistani Rupee Rs.
 Elevation 266 m 873 feet
  Literacy Rate 49.3 % (U-70. R-44)
 National Assembly Seats 3
  Punjab Assembly Seats 5
 Union Councils 72
  Police Stations 14
  Main Cities and Towns Attock, Jand, Hassanabdal, Fateh Jang, Pindi Ghaib and Hazro
 Main Crops Wheat, Sugarcane and Cotton.
 Main Vegetables Onion, Carrot, Cauliflower and Peas
 Climate Attock has a changeable climate with warm, wet summers and cold winters. Max Temperature in summer reaches upto 50 C and in winters Min temperature reaches -2. The average rainfall in District Attock is 783 mm. 
 Language Main spoken languages are Urdu, Hindko, Pushto and Punjabi. Although Urdu is widely spoken especially among the younger generation.
 Postal Code 43600
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The city’s foundations were laid in 1908, and it was named Campbellpur after Sir Campbell.

After independence

Although Pakistan had become independent from Britain in 1947 it wasn’t until 1978 that the name Attock was adopted for the city.

Attock’s first oil well was drilled in Khaur in 1915. It has an oil and gas field Dakhini near Jand. One-third of Pakistan’s oil is produced.

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Online petition

Keep Our City Clean!

Respected Sir/Madam,

The residential streets of Attock City are riddled with litter, house waste and at this time of year, leaves (which hide much of the litter and house waste). Attock Municipal Committee claims to clean streets ‘regularly’, but residents see little evidence of this. We, the residents of Attock City, demand a commitment to a fixed frequency of street cleaning i.e. daily or fortnightly rather than relying on residents reporting isolated cases of littering before actioning.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Attock Municipal Committee
  • Chairman District Council
  • DPO Attock
  • Department of Health


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Important Phone Numbers

District Council Complaint 0092 57-9316306
DPO Office 0092 57-9316026
EDO Health 0092 57-9316067
EDO Education 0092 57-9316116-7

PA to Dist Chairman 0092 57-9316313
WAPDA 0092 57-9316283
e-Khidmat Markaz 0800 09100
SNGPL 1199
Fire Department 1122/18
Police Department 15
Rescue 1122
Railway Enquiry 117
PIA Enquiry 114 
Railway Police Helpline 1333


km2, square


year of foundation

2,289,146 (Est)